I love the Dollar Tree

The dollar tree is my favorite dollar store.

I had been eyeing the Diaper caddies at Target, Babies R Us and even such places as Pottery Barn. I thught maybe I would try to stack a coupon and a sale. but the I went for a trip to the dollar store and there it was in all its glory.



This one I purchased for the playroom, but I went back and got one for my bedroom. I definitely want to add the diaper trash/dog poop dispenser.

As the diaper size increases, I suspect I will be switching out the diaper side with the wipes so it can hold more diapers at a time.

Oh, and I do have issues: I use permanent marker and label every box of wipes (and/or portable bag) to the room or place it belongs so everything is returned properly. I will probably take my label maker and make a tag of sorts to label which diaper caddy goes in each room or make my own laminated .bag tags… (Thats my next craft project I decided…. )

mother Load of Minivans

Want to keep your minivan ready for anything?

Yea. Click here then….
My Dream Minivan
is here…

Seven things to do with a cardboard box

This is pretty cool… Saving this!!!!!

cardboard box fun with kids

In China: Meeting Maggie

She’s going to meet her live!


Why I Don’t Like Food Coloring

I really dont like food coloring. I know it is bad for our kids, and bad for us. But it is everywhere. It is in everything.

I was reading this blog and thought this might help some understand. While I dont like it because I know it is artificial and I know children are being diagnosed with ADHD when a food change may help them instead of the drug companies solution, i felt this was a good other way to approach it.

So, food for thought:
“Here is the biggest reason I think artificial (synthetic) food coloring is evil. Petroleum. Yes, most synthetic food dyes are created from petroleum. The same base used to manufacture gasoline and heating fuels. And if that’s not enough to make you spit out that Skittle, FD&C Blue No. 2 is manufactured in a chemical process that includes formaldehyde, aniline, several hydrozides under ammonia pressure, and heating in the presences of sulfuric acid. Oh, don’t worry, each batch is tested to ensure it doesn’t exceed the FDA’s prescribed limits for impurities. Most impurities are in the forms of salts or acids, but others include lead, arsenic and mercury.”


And, because all text and no fun is boring… Here is a little artwork of LuluBelle’s. She drew the pigeon from DON’T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS


Adoption Day Coming

Dont miss it. http://www.thousandyearday.blogspot.com/

Awareness jewelry

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OMG i am behind

A still reading blogs, but I am so far behind I have no time tom comment amd I am going to habe to stop watching some alerts I had on CL

Jeesh you guys talk a lot!!!

Princess? For a Day.



St Baldricks and My Bald Nephew

My 12 year old nephew shaved his head yesterday. Thayer is a great kid.
My mother (and his grandmother) passed away due to a horrible Metastatic Cancer.
I suspect that cancer Is harder to deal with than a child with cancer.

if you can help out please do. He is still 75 bucks from his goal.

We know times are tight. They are for us, too. So please dont feel like you have to give, but my sister told me it is set up to take donations even after the event and that they only have to start at a dollar.


Thanks in advance for making more than one childs dream come true.