Car Seat Safety

Who knew these could be a deadly combination: Baby Coats and Car Seats.

Thick winter coats or snowsuits can compromise your child’s car seat safety. In order for a baby car seat or toddler booster seat to function properly, the straps need to remain tight against the child’s chest. Winter coats and snowsuits make car seat safety difficult because they change the way a child fits into the car seat.



  1. Not an issue for us as my kids refuse to wear coats!!

  2. Mer, thanks for always posting all the helpful info. and THANK YOU for the link on the Britax sale on happy mothers site. Halle-Grace’s came in and it is lovely! Poor thing is STILL rear facing. Says one year or 20 pounds. She still has 3 and a few ounces to go before hitting 20 lbs!
    Again, THANKS! You’re the best!

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