Adoption and Child Trafficking


Child Trafficking and Adoption: Not the Same Thing:

There have been recent news reports concerning Rubiana Ali, the child-actress in the Oscar-winning movie, “Slumdog Millionaire”, and her father’s attempt to sell her to the highest bidder. It is important for adoptive families everywhere to speak-out against the use of the term “Adoption” in reference to this obvious case of child-trafficking. Too many major media outlets are reporting that Rubiana’s father was trying to “offer her for adoption for a price”. We must never allow the very wide line between child-trafficking and adoption to narrow. Offering a child FOR SALE, to make a profit and without regard for the child’s well-being, is child trafficking. Thoughtfully and legally placing a child into a loving home for the purpose of bettering that child’s life, is adoption. There is a growing wave of anti-adoption sentiment sweeping the world today. As parents and advocates, let us stand ready to correct this misconception whenever it may occur.

Thank you.


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  1. Mary

    I haven’t followed any of this — how awful. Current media reports are saying India police have investigated and say there’s nothing to the story, it was all made up by a British tabloid. The estranged ex-wife is saying the police didn’t do their job. Of course, both could be true! It makes you wonder if the mass media every gets anything right — is it any wonder they’re confusing a possible case of attempted trafficking with adoption?

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