Happy Mother’s Day!

We hope everyone had a great day! Special shout out to GJ, Titi, Aunt L, Aunt Michi, and GD – hoping you all had great days!

We had a great weekend. We went to the playground on Saturday. It was not a success. Proof below.

Note how she lost her shoe!

For Mother’s Day, Lulu got me a bear from build a bear. It has Lulu’s voice making bear sounds!!! It has hearts on it, too (I an a huge heart fan!)

I got gifts from Daddy today – one is Smooth Away.. Hahahaha I really wanted it bad! And it’s ok, but for legs would not replace shaving (in case you were interested.) The other present was a charm for my bracelet! 🙂

Today, we went to brunch and it was delectable! We visited with GJ, Poppy, and TiTi. She loves visiting with her fam! Lulu loved the waitress and her favorite part was probably running around after we ate.

We also stopped by another playground today (a boundless one in case anyone knows what those are.) Lulu hated that one, too. We will keep trying.

We took a walk around the neighborhood with her in her Push Around Buggy and THAT, she loved!

We also spent time on our back porch with Lulu trying to hang out in her new “Hot Dog” Chair. (Hot Dog is Mickey Mouse for new readers.)

Overall, this whole weekend was a blast. I don’t think life gets better than this!

*Hope my TQ mamas all had a wonderful mother’s day as well!!!!!


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day Mer!!!

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