Tyson’s Child

It’s likely that you have heard about Mike Tyson’s child.

If not, go here.

If you would like to prevent this kind of thing, do something like this:
(click on the picture for more)

And, don’t forget about strapping your furniture, either. Lots of children die every year from climbing on furniture and having it land on them.


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  1. Mary

    And if your tv isn’t inside a cabinet with doors (or hung on a wall if you’re lucky enough to have a flat screen!), it should be. Curious, fast-moving toddlers pull tvs down on top of themselves all too often, and even worse, it can be fatal (think of how heavy, and top heavy, a big screen tv is). Our girl pulled one on top of herself at age 2, but fortunately it was a very small tv. That’s the same year she burned a finger. Did I mention that toddlers move FAST?

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