A New Membership

We got a membership to a local museum. Now, a lot of kid’s museums have a reciprocity program (through http://www.childrensmuseums.org) but, we got a membership at one that has reciprocity with NOT ONLY the children’s museums but ALSO the science museums(http://www.astc.org/members/passlist_about.htm). YAY!

So, off we went for the first time to one of the closest museums. We went throughout the whole museum minus one exhibit because we got free tickets (not free, paid for with our membership) to the show at the planetarium.

Highlights of the visit:
Under 4 room. (kinda like a play area)
Bubble maker
Thing that you roll balls down to see which ball gets to the end faster. (“A ball” is one of Lulu’s vocab words so this was extremely pleasing)
Turtle room
Kaleidoscope you walk into
Show at the Planetarium
Snakes (yuk)

We had a blast. Can’t wait to go back and to go to all the other museums. The museum I spent a lot of time at as a child is on our membership so that is exciting!!!! But, it is an hour away!

Sorry, no pics. Lulu is now no longer in a stroller which means when I am out alone with her I am holding her hand 99% of the time and picture taking is much harder!!!


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  1. Rhonda

    Love those science/children’s museums and all the hands on fun!

  2. What a fabulous membership!

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