No Naps

We had a week or so of no naps and that made for cranky baby and cranky parents.

We think we are back on track now. Thank goodness.

Sorry, I had nothing positive to post during the napless times so I kind of just did not post! So here are some pictures to get you through. I call these, “Too Much or Too Cute!” and expect Lulu to be wearing a lot of outfits that are WAY TOO BUSY this fall 🙂



  1. Oh man, I feel your pain! Hope the naps stick around!

  2. Mary

    Oh, poor thing — she looks exhausted (and yet still adorable) in those photos. And poor you, too! I’ve been there, and I really do feel your pain.

  3. shannon

    She’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rhonda

    What a gorgeous princess and I sooo love that outfit. I so feel your pain with the no napping thing, ugh. We appear to not be taking any of those these days either, tired mommy!

  5. Love the orange outfit! The striped leggings are too cute. And the dotted shoes!
    I’m glad to read that naps are back – however did you survive?

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