Bottle Progression

So, it is recommended by peds that your child is off the bottle at 12 months these days. Lulu would only take a certain nipple when we met her and since we met her at 10 months, we did not have the heart to take away thw one thng that she could still have:

After many failed straw cup (what our EI suggests) and sippy cups… eventually, we got her to go to this:

And, to me? That is a fancy nipple…. even though it’s called a sipper. Sipper, so close to sippy, but so far away. Looks like a straw, but really is a nipple, IMO.

Now? As of today, the “not really nipple but so much like a nipple” nipples are in the trash can. And now we still have the same bottles, but a different silicon top:

These work with the previous bottles and these which we have:

Someday, she will be on a cup, straw cup, or sippy. Please keep us in your thoughts lol



  1. Mary

    We had full-out Bottle Wars (and yes, that’s what we called it) with Mags when she was a baby! But Mr Miggs has always been happy to drink or eat by whatever means necessary. I remember trying to “patiently” explain to my poor hubby in public that Mickey was far too young to drink from a straw — while the two of them just showed me how to do it. Showed me, didn’t they?!

  2. Nuby is your friend!
    Maybe it’s because I have a plethora of kids but I don’t worry about the bottles or the potty training. It all happens….eventually.
    I think peds just recommend all this stuff to drive first time parent’s nuts. I’ll bet their own kids walked around with a bottle until two years old. lol.

  3. klarobinson215

    I am going to have to find some of those! Alex is on and off his regular bottle (and he is almost 17 months…) He takes everything but milk, in a cup. Good luck!

  4. Rhonda

    Are u serious, off at 12 months of age??? well, we had one off at almost birth, one off at 12 months and one off at 2 years and one that we had to literally PULL out of her mouth at 2 1/2 years!!! LOL They are all doing well and none had issues from it and none had dental problems due to it!!! I think society needs to CHILL!!!! Go at what YOU feel comfortable doing and not what other’s tell you to do! When it’s right, it will work. We’re still working on night time diapers with our 4 year old! I figure there are things that are important to fret over and things that aren’t!!! Thinking of you. Rhonda

  5. Matthew still has his bottle. Not at daycare, where he drinks out of a cup, but at home. We’re not big believers in the “must be off the bottle” thing, lol. We’ll eventually get him down to one at night.


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