One Year Ago: Lulu became an american citizen

One year ago, today, Lulu and I entered JFK airport. It was a 32 hour trip from my hotel in VN to my house.

My sister recently admitted, “You really looked horrible and exhausted when you got home.”




  1. Family is so kind, lol.

    Congrats on this big anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That was a year ago already!? Geez!

  3. Mary

    Hey great photos like your promised! Kidding — not a nice thing to say to a sicko, is it? Congrats on the anniversary. I thought that immigration was so strange — after everything else, I kept expecting at least one more hurdle. It seemed almost too easy! I bet it was pretty similar for you.

  4. Carol

    My goodness how fast the year has gone bye. Congrats Mer, Tim and Lulu…we love you!!!

  5. Bless your heart!!! I still think you’re a hero for making it all the way with Lulu alone!!! You GO GIRL!!! Miss and love you too! How cool that HG and Lulu became citizens on the SAME day!!!!

  6. Rhonda

    I am not sure anyone looks overly well in those “just home” pictures, LOL You had a long way to travel and congrats little cutie pie, Lulu.

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