D Princesses and my dislike for them

Found this on LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH.

I have a profound dislike for the D Princesses. This can give you a little bit of insight why. I am too tired to make my own, but it gives you an idea. Note only one princess is little bit brownish. (Oh yea, the Frog Princess is coming out, wait they changed the name… to the Princess and the Frog, I think, but I am not ready to rip that apart, yet.)

I don’t agree with everything in this picture, but I agree with enough to post it and make you think. The movie with the beast makes me mad because though it’s meant to say, “Hey – even ugly people are good sometimes!” I see it as, “Hey, men are abusive and you can tame them!” which is so not my style.



  1. Mary

    You will NOT say ill of Belle — she fell in love with the beast and his library. What sensible woman wouldn’t do the same? And Mulan, not in the photo, was quite cool.

    That said, we’ve had our share of princess wars. I knew I was losing to an obsessed 3-year-old (damn your eyes Disney marketeers!) when I found myself snapping, “Cinderella DID wear jeans on gym class days!”

  2. Mulan is beautiful and there’s a new princess too. She’s african american(or at least she was during Disney On Ice) She’s beautiful too! I love Mulan best… Hallegrace loves Cinderella. Go figure..I luv the princess that reminds me most of my beautiful PRINCESS and I guess the blonde hair on Cinderella makes her think of mama:)

  3. Mary

    I really like the fact that Mulan: 1. saved the guy; 2. saved China; 3. used her brain to kick the collective butts of the brawny guys.

    But Maggie always liked Cinderalla too, who was never my favorite. But she did, for the record, wear jeans on gym class days.

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