Overdue updates!

Lulu started making her animal sounds WAHOO!!! It’s too precious. Sometimes, I think she messes with daddy though bc she will answer HOT DOG for random things lol.

She also waves buh bye at the tv if she does not approve. You know, baseball games, some children’s programming, then she will exclaim MAP! (ie put dora on NOW!)

She has started using the sign for help. This one makes me powerless to her. Please, do not tell her.

Also, she loves dress up. On multiple occasions, at bed time, I hear daddy removing a tutu and being screamed at.

Tonight, as she headed to bed, I told her Nigh-Nigh! and she SAID IT BACK (for the first time.) and then the little squirt…. so funny i gave her a hug and she held on to me and told daddy buh bye by waving to him bc he usually puts her down and she knew she would not have to go to bed if she stayed with me. Nice try.

We also had another first tonight. She wore a tiara for the first time. She put it on all by herself. Upside down. And, backwards. Then, she saw herself in the reflection on our patio door. You can see her hands raised in horror as she must fix it!


1 Comment

  1. Mary

    Awww! She’s nearly as gorgeous in a tiara as Mickey.

    . Boys with big sisters….

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