Happy Birthday to our Princess

To our favorite princess, we love you very much! We were very surprised that your favorite gift was the fake dress up shoes. We were also surprised when we tried to take you to Rainforest Cafe and you freaked out. (Since you loved it every other (ok three) time!!!!)

Thinking of a sick HG!!

More soon!



  1. What – no photos?!

    Happy Birthday Lulu!!!

  2. klarobinson215

    Happy Bithday Lulu!! I agree with Christine – Bday pics! And what a great day – It’s my birthday too!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU! We love you!!! Thanks for thinking of HG….she is going to be all better!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  4. Carol

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday Miss Lulu! Hugs & Kisses!

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