When will she get hair?

Your guess is as good as mine. Did you ever notice it seems I either have words or pictures, but usually not both!!!?!?!? What is with that, I do not know! But here are some pics from today.



  1. Mary

    At 2.5 Mickey’s hair is just, barely, starting to get thicker. If it ever grows longer I think he’d look insanely cute with an ’80s style rat tail, but Martin’s opposed. Right now, though, it’s just a theoretical disagreement!

  2. Katherine

    Don’t worry- I have had many a hairdresser say to me that the babies who don’t get hair until later end up having the thickest hair. It was definitely true in my case 🙂

  3. Oscar's mom

    Girls that cute don’t need hair.

  4. Matthew is finally getting hair but his toenails don’t grow, lol.

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