Dear Grammy:

Dear Grammy:

I apologize for not wearing pants today. When Daddy grabbed the clothes laid out for me by Mommy, he misplaced my pants! My shirt was so long Daddy thought perhaps it is a dress. So, he threw some bloomers on me.

I don’t mind being pantsless. But, you have to admit, it is pretty funny that I am not wearing my pants, today.

Love, Lulu
*Daddy, I love you. Don’t be mad at me for sharing this. Lots of parents do lots of silly things. Sometimes, we need to see other parents do silly things so we may laugh a long. Also, let’s not talk about this when I am older. I prefer not to go pantsless again, unless I really am wearing a dress.



  1. lol…love it!
    One time my husband changed Saige and she ended up in those Little Swimmers diapers instead of Huggies. We all know what happens when a toddler pees in tLittle Swimmers!

  2. This is hysterical!!! Oh my.

  3. Joan Lodge

    Lulu looked like she had a 1960 mini dress on when daddy
    dropped her off. Adorable!!! That’s why grammy keeps
    extra duds at her place. When T was an infant, I came
    home one day to find him in a onesy put on backwards by
    his dad. lol

    Grammy XOX

  4. Mary

    Martin has managed to:
    put on swimmies instead of diapers — backwards
    put on pull-ups without pointing to boy bits down
    allow both/either kid to go out pantless (“but it’s a LONG shirt”)
    send the girl out with a red dress and blue tights, and similarly matched outfits
    send the girl out without brushing her hair — for several days in a row when I’m not home

    Now I put one entire outfit, with all its pieces, on a single hangar. But I can’t help but wonder the damage that will do my children’s ability to simply get themselves dressed in the future….

  5. LMAO!!!! Lulu was making a fashion statement! 🙂

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