Holiday Memories…..

I would love to share a very special memory. (Get a tissue.)

My mother passed away when I was 18. She passed away in June. When December came, my father pulled out three big boxes of toys she had acquired – obviously from January until June that year. One of us had to bring the toys to a charity as she meant for them to be. I volunteered because my mother’s death was particularly hard on my family. When I dropped off the toys, I came in with a huge box. The volunteers were so excited. I laughed, I said, “Oh, there’s MORE!” So, one volunteer came back to my car with me and we brought in the last of it. The volunteers kept ranting and finally, I said, “It’s not me. It was my mother, she is no longer with us, but she had stashed these away.” I pushed back the tears, but we all celebrated her life in that moment. And, we knew many children would celebrate her life through these toys as well.

This is by far my favorite holiday memory at this time. I hope I can instill generosity like this in Lulu. And, I Am glad to have storied like this to tell her about her Grandma.



  1. So lovely!

  2. Mary

    I did need my tissue. Thanks for sharing, Mer.

  3. Now that’s a magical moment!!! Love it. Even if it does have me sniffling early in the morning…

  4. {{HUGS}} My mom died when I was 36..can’t imagine it with you being so young. What a special woman she was to stash those goodies away 🙂

  5. NOW I know exactly where your BIG heart comes from…you are as giving and unselfish and your mom! LOVE YOU and thank you for sharing the story!!!

  6. That is so beautiful. Very few people are blessed to know such loving and giving people in their lifetimes. You got to have one for a mom – for too short of a time for sure, but she clearly left a legacy behind in you.

  7. Mer, thank you for sharing your very special story. What an inspiration that is to others. Love you!

  8. Katherine

    That’s lovely. I miss my mom so much too. Especially this time of year. It’s nice to remember the good things though.

  9. Liz

    Mer, I love it.

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