Apraxia of Speech: PROMPT Institute

Deborah Hayden the creator of PROMPT, began developing the technique of PROMPT over 30 years ago. Her experiences have included work with infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults and geriatrics. As her experience and understanding of the development and breakdown of human systems (sensory, perception, cognition, ideation, planning and action) evolved so has PROMPT. What is unique about PROMPT is that it is a human philosophy that looks to create unique programs for each person based on the combination of many factors to support speech production change.

For this reason, learning and using PROMPT is a process. It is not a cook-book, does not employ oral-motor exercises, speech drill, or traditional developmental speech hierarchies (for example, the sound /t/ is always mastered before the sound /r/) but instead looks at each individual to determine how to develop the most normalized and flexible motor control, cognitive skills and social interactions in the quickest way with the most functional results.

For more click here: https://promptinstitute.com/


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