Project 365|34

Rice is always a blast. Yes, we did buy a 20 pound bag. Yes, we will probably buy more. Yes, we have to vacuum rice a lot.

I read a lot of blogs of mom’s who live in the south. Or, the warm parts of America. What do you moms who live in cold areas do with your kids inside. We have water pouring, rice, stickers, coloring, but not much more than that…. hmmmm… ideas welcome.



  1. Rhonda

    Currently residing in the South but some fun things we do is have different themed days/nights. We have crafts (making cards and drawing and coloring, making outlines of our hands to show how big we have gotten, making bead necklace and bracelets, Joanne’s Fabric store has tons of fun 1.00 crafts to make with kids from stickers to clothespin dolls and etc. We have board night games like candyland, jumpin monkeys (Katie’s favorite), chutes and ladders, memory game, ants in the pants, elefun and Katie’s newest “go fish”!
    We’ll have some baking fun on one day where we make cookies or rice krispie bars and make a terrific mess (oh yea) with decorating them! After putting frosting on our bars, we decorate and same with cookies. We have computer time, “helping mommy clean time”, movie night, playdough (not quite my favorite but theirs), we’ll have a play doll time with mommy taking care of their babies and feeding them (yucky baby alive dolls, LOL), dress up and mommy and girls tea party! We’ll play alphabet game where we go around the house and find things that start with each letter of the alphabet, do the same thing with colors. We have reading time every night before bedtime. The girls both absolutely love their leapster’s and Emily is awesome on it. They also love playing with their doll house and are a big fan of animal play (love the dinosaurs, sea animals, dragons, most all animals and we generally have gotten alot of them at Target for 1.00 or 2.50 in the bins).


  2. Well…we watch movies….and then go outside in Sunny AZ! You guys should move here! šŸ™‚

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