Harold the Cat

Lulu’s cat Harold has been very sick this week. He has spent the week at the hospital. His liver is not functioning properly and we honestly do not know what is wrong. We do know some things that are not wrong.

Here is a picture of Harold and Monkey taking a nap.

We know it is not hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver,) I think we know it is not liver cancer because of a cell aspiration biopsy.

Here is a picture of Harold on top of Whiskers.

He is so yellow and jaundiced it breaks my heart. We do not know what the future holds. I was not posting about this because I literally did not know what to say.

Harold giving Whiskers a bath (Harold gives everyone baths!)

Harold the cat is coming home tonight. No feeding tube, his body is not strong enough to handle the anesthesia right now. His body temperature is way too low. He will be living on a heating pad, on a cocktail of antibiotics, and eating from a syringe, hoping to get him up to 20+ ccs per feeding.

Harold using Monkey as a mattress.

If his body temperature were under control, the vet would say there is no reason to give up hope. The body temperature has put a wrench in the whole thing.

More posts on other subjects soon.



  1. Oh Harold – you seem like such a wonderful kitty! Pull through buddy – everyone wants you to be healthy and happy again!!!

  2. Mary

    My Henry is a lot like your Harold. I hope yours gets healthy soon!

  3. Such cute pictures….the one of him on top of Whiskers is too funny! I hope they figure it out and he gets better soon!

  4. Mer,
    I am so sorry! I have no idea what to say…it breaks my heart! I pray Harold is ALL BETTER VERY SOON!!!!!

  5. I hope Harold is better soon Mer. (((hugs)))

  6. It is so heartbreaking when our four-footed babies are sick. I hope Harold gets better soon.

  7. Rhonda

    I am soooo sorry. It is soooo hard to see our furry babies in any pain. Sending many prayers that he feels better really soon. BIG HUGS,

  8. Hang in there Harold!!! BIG HUGS!!!

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