Two Years Ago! (yesterday)

Two years ago we saw this picture for the first time. The adrenaline was crazy that day. The International Adoption Specialist we were going to use was no longer a good match (would be out of country while we were in Vietnam.) Then the second choice was about oh say 3x overpriced and I found bad reviews on her. I talked to so many doctors and doctors offices that day.

We ended up using AND LOVING Dr. Judy Eckerle Kang @ University of Minnesota. She is an adoptee herself. But, she always got back to us within hours and everything was online (the way we like it.)

This is Lulu in February 2009:

And in February 2010:

(this post would have been done yesterday – the true anniversary, however wordpress was down đŸ˜¦



  1. klarobinson215

    Happy Referral Anniversary! Lulu was a beautiful baby!! And now a beautiful little girl.

  2. Gives me goose bumps all over! I will always remember our journey to our daughters and the fight the HENS won!!!! I remember the night you & Tim came home (well our home in Vietnam) with precious Lulu. I just love her!!!!! She’s such a special blessing!!!

  3. So sweet!!!

  4. Happy Referral Day! (A little late)

    What a beautiful photo you received!

    And, we used the same IAP! LOVE. HER. Small world.

  5. happy referral day! Man the magic of referral day lingers forever!

  6. She is so very beautiful!

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