While Whiskers was Missing

When our cat Whiskers was missing, I would go to the door and call her. Somebody would want to follow me (Lulu) and stomp around and cry MEOW MEOW and sort of … you know, well, Whiskers wouldnt come to crazy toddler 🙂 I do not know how to say that any nicer.

So, annyway, it was superiorally adorable (that is a word now,) because I would send her to the other side of the room and tell her to look out the door for Whiskers. She would look out that window and and look for Whiskers and continue pointing and Meowing. (I can attest Whiskers was not there lol)

It was terribly adorable.


1 Comment

  1. That’s so heartbreakingly sweet. (That’s a word too)

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