It’s True. We Failed on 365. While Whiskers was missing… we just kind of didn’t take a lot of pictures. Oops! Am I allowed to take extras and fill in the gaps LOL

Lulu is adding words. Not all intelligible, some amazingly intelligible. Still not a talker. Up up, and help help sound almost EXACTLY alike. I can hear the difference MOST of the time. ELMO and DORA are somewhat new words.

I am in the process of making PECS for her, and still trying to learn sign language. My favorite signing CD so far is mybabyfingers.com 🙂

We go to the library every week and we have SUCH a blast.

My illness is not as bad as it once was and I am starting to be more and more hopeful. I think I just had bad reactions to meds, well, as well as herxheimer reactions.

Lulu is a blast these days.


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