Keep Talking

Today, Lulu repeated the alphabet after me, and counted to ten in English and Spanish.

Lulu is using real word and really trying to communicate, it is amazing!

Last night we were watching the Wiggles (BIG RED CAR) and she said to me Zsha Zsha (which means car) and then HOT DOG or ALL DONE! but HOT DOG and ALL DONE sound so much a like I couldnt figure it out! So, I thought she was telling me that she wanted to turn OFF the BIG RED CAR bc she Was ALL DONE, but finally I figured out she was saying HOT DOG and she wanted her RED hot dog (mickey mouse) car. Tooooooo much.



  1. Mary

    I said it before — this girl is going to make her opinions known! Clever, clever gal.

  2. Yay!! That is great news…go Lulu!


  4. Go Lulu!!

  5. Oscar's mom

    Holy crap, Mer, that is awesome! Good job, Lulu!

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