OMG Thayer is Shaving his Head!!!!

My nephew is shaving his head! His last big hair cut he donated his VERY LONG locks (to Pantene, I think, but not sure) Well, guess what, it’s time for another shocking change!

Would you mind making a small donation? I don’t usually ask much for things like this, but, Thayer is my angel! and I heart him so much, so if you can I would be tickled pink if you could help him out!

Here is the letter I got from my sister:
Greetings all,
You all know I don’t normally send out fundraisers, but Thayer has decided he is going to shave his head this weekend to raise money for cancer victims. Even if you can donate just $1.00 it would be really appreciated. Anything and everything will help, and seeing a list of family and friends supporting him will really delight and encourage Thayer. The link is below to pledge for Thayer. His picture is not on the site yet but will be by tonight. Thank you everyone for any support you can donate. Also, please forward this to anyone you think might be able/willing to help whom I may not have had an e-mail address for.

All our love and gratitude,
Michele, Jim, Thayer & Alex


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