Busy Weekend

We started out the weekend as usual at the library. Lulu will do anything to go to the library where they have “books.” (And sometimes she says “Dora books.”) Then, we went out for a bite to eat on a very long drive which ended up at an awesome restaurant. Lulu had a blast there as well. Then, we took a walk around the downtown area and it was so beautiful. We ended up hitting the playground on the way home where Lulu for the first time went down the slide and begged for more. We used this “sensory” opportunity to try to get her to talk more. Those of you in the sensory world will get this. If you don’t, pretty much it helps stimulate Lulu’s motory senses, but I am by no means an expert and able to give talks on the subject. I understand, but I can’t repeat. (this link might help)

We ended the night after a few tickle fights, and I of course was commanded to tickle our pets because that is HYSTERICALLY FUNNY (even though the animals don’t care!)

On to Sunday, and I had work (unusual on a Sunday.) When I got home everyone was napping, so I did, too. 🙂
We all got up and the picnic was on! I packed us up dinner, and we went to check out a playground I heard about at the library. FAIL. It didn’t come close to the one near our house… so onward we went seeking a park to eat dinner at. We found one, and boy did this taunt Lulu because there was yet another playground, though, it seemed a bit too “tall” for her age. So we ate at the picnic table, and watched some people play basketball, and Daddy and Lulu took a little walk.

In the picture on the left she is still chomping her carrot, and in the second, she refused to stay still and we literally had to chase her around a tree to get a photo. Chase is now a big thing in our house. And, at a picnic, obviously, too! Sorry for the iphone pics!

Then we went to the REAL playground, where Lulu had a blast. So many slides. Also, on the big map on the laptop, she started requesting to know which states were which. We failed. So, we will have to work on that one (mom and dad, not lulu!)

We finally ended up home where we did some housework and before we knew it was bedtime 🙂



  1. she’s an angel!!!!!

  2. Sounds like so much fun!! I hate it when a new park doesn’t live up to the tried and true…. sigh…

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