Glaucoma in Asians

“East Asians experience the highest rate of blindness in the world from one of the two most common types of glaucoma.”

“Glaucoma is not curable.”

Article here.

I saw it here.


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  1. lori

    doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but when my child was first diagnosed with apraxia, we weren’t told what they thought the prognosis for her would be. Only after she began to speak did the neurologist tell us that he had not expected she ever would. She was adopted at 11 months from China, was totally silent at 18-20 months.

    By the way my child is from China – but very near the border with Vietnam, and a number of people have suggested to me that she may be ethnically Vietnamese.

    I just came here from Resist Racism, didn’t see a huge amount about apraxia in your archives. Hope a couple of recommendations are ok –
    Signing Time videos, especially the first three. These teach standard ASL. The format, lots of repetition, cute but simple graphics, children shown signing,, was very appealing to my daughter. Amazon has them also –

    the CHERAB foundation –
    is affiliated with
    and with a yahoo group that is being turned into a Bigtent group. There were a number of families with kids adopted from Asian on that Yahoo group. There is a lot of useful information in their archives. Many people in that group are using supplements – fish oil etc.

    My daughter has done very well with intensive speech therapy. At age four she was discharged from speech therapy and her speech is now considered better than average for age. We were not able to find a trained PROMPT therapist and are happy with our results without it.

    Good luck with everything and feel free to contact me if you ever feel like asking anything or listening to more of another parent’s experiences.

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