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US adoptive parents seek girls, non-black children: study

They were able to see which babies attracted most applications from adoptive parents, and how much the parents would need to pay to finalize the adoption.


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  1. Mary

    Sad, isn’t it? One of the hardest things for us when adopting was the “menu” of options for a child. Our first impulse was to think that we didn’t have any choices about Maggie’s gender or health, so why should we put restrictions on anything? We didn’t choose gender, but since we knew by not choosing we’d almost certainly have a boy, we did choose. And adopting a very sick child could have negative impacts on Mags. And we wouldn’t have had a child with FAS… Anyway, it was all very difficult. Funnily enough, by having Mags, the one thing we *were* guaranteed was a caucasian kid AYAP! I don’t know how to fix the system so that kids who need families, older and SN kids, get them, but it would be nice to do better.

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