Beyond Culture Camp

WEBINAR: Beyond Culture Camp
A Parent’s Guide to Promoting Healthy Identity in Adoption
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Weds. June 23, 7:00 – 8:00pm, Central

All parents want their children to grow up with a healthy sense of self. Yet for transracially formed adoptive families, the notion that this will naturally develop cannot be taken for granted. For these families, adoption is an obvious component of who they are. They may face questions from perfect strangers about being adopted, whether they invite the discussion or not. What’s more, society’s persistent race-based stereotypes will likely impact these adopted persons in ways that their parents may not have personally experienced or even anticipated.

Adoptive parents will not want to miss this webinar featuring a first of its kind study, Beyond Culture Camp: Promoting Healthy Identity Formation in Adoption. More than 450 adult adoptees were surveyed to better understand the complex and inter-related impacts of being adopted and being raised by parents of a different ethnicity. Respondents reflected back on their childhood, adolescence and adulthood, giving powerful insights as to what helped them gain a positive sense of self and what hindered that development.

Adam Pertman, Executive Director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, will review key findings from the study, ending with practical recommendations for adoptive parents on how to promote a healthy sense of self in their transracially placed children. Following this review, webinar participants will get a unique chance to hear from transracially placed adult adoptees, Tara Leaman and Aaron Stigger. Tara and Aaron will give their personal perspectives on the topic as well as field as many questions from the audience as time allows.

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Beyond Culture Camp: An Adoptive Parent’s
Guide to Healthy Identity Formation in Adoption
Weds. June 23rd, 7:00 – 8:00 PM Central Time
Fee: $15.00

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Adam Pertman is the Executive Director of The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Adam Pertman 3Institute, a national non-profit and preeminent research, policy, and education organization. Author of Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming America, and associate editor of Adoption Quarterly, Mr. Pertman has contributed to many articles on adoption and family-related issues, has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses and trainings, has provided acclaimed presentations around the globe and is widely quoted in the media.

Tara Linh Leaman, J.D., is an educator, community organizer, writer and speaker Aaron Stiggeron the politics of identity, critical race theory and international and transracial/cultural adoption. A graduate of Cornell University and Georgetown University Law Center, Tara has worked nationally and internationally on human rights and education issues. She is currently the Associate Director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. She recently co-founded AmerAsian Voice, a community-based organization highlighting the experiences of Amerasians in the U.S. and Vietnam. As an African Asian American adoptee, Tara knows well the joys and challenges of claiming more than one transformative perspective.
Aaron Stigger is an adult adoptee who was placed in a mixed Aaron Stiggerrace home. His parents understood the importance of living in a community with children who looked like him and his older sister, which is why they chose to live in the ethnically diverse community of Oak Park. Aaron has been talking about his adoption at the 101 classes at The Cradle since he was 15. “There is a lot of negative press that gets all of the focus when it comes to adopting and adopting transracially.” His goal is to spread his positive story to the masses, since he realizes that he is very fortunate to have had parents that worked hard at making a very conspicuous family fit in.



  1. VERY COOL!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Love this kind of stuff 🙂
    Can I share on my blog?

  2. Kris Ann

    Sounds good! Love that they have a speaker who will talk about the positive!

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