First Manicure

I had not painted my nails since Lulu came home in Sept ’08. I did a few weeks ago and Lulu said immediately, “Lulu like that.” She got the works. We both did. She was amazing. She sat on my lap, too. It was so amazingly precious. She even got little flowers on her fingers. She is 2 and a half. I can’t believe we tried this. I can;t believe she wanted it SO bad. I can’t believe she behaved SO well. She was very happy. Today she told me, “Nails Done. Fwow.” and signed Flower. Sooooooo adorable. She is growing up before our eyes.



  1. Uh, I think you are in trouble when she’s older! 😉

  2. Mary

    When we potty-trained Mags, nail polish and a dot of lipstick were her biggest rewards! The funny thing is, I really don’t wear make up. She doesn’t now, but as a toddler, she found it irresistable. Oh yeah, and then there’s the time she used an orange marker to put “lipstick” on herself — beware of that!!

  3. Tracy @ My Minivan Rocks!

    I took Zoe about a year ago, so she was 2-1/2, and she LOVED having a pedicure. My mom has painted her fingers and toes in the meantime, but I haven’t taken her to the salon. I really should though! Thanks for posting this. I’m going to make it a point to have some girl time this week!

  4. Teresa

    I love the picture of your hands together. So sweet!

  5. Oscar and Etta's mom

    So sweet! I can’t wait to take Etta! Well, maybe I can wait until she’s at least one . . . or three.

  6. Mbg


  7. HOW CUTE!!! Of course the princess and princess mommy needs their nails done!!! 🙂

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