We were having family time, which is a lot of fun. We usually sing songs, hide under blankets, practice sign language, and other fun stuff. The other day, Lulu said, “Hurt. Hip.” We were both worried and confused. If you have been following, you will know that Lulu has Apraxia of Speech. This means she has a neurological disorder that is different from a typical speech delay. Well, she had never talk about her hip before. We immediately asked, “Your hip hurts? Where is your hip?” She motioned to her hip (go figure.) So then we asked her if it hurt, she said yes. Hmmm.. so I pointed to her shoulder and asked her if THAT hip hurt? She said, “No.” She was very insistent that the left hip hurt. So, I asked her if we should do something and if so what should we do? She told us – ICE. Clear as day. Our child had a hurt hip and needed ice for it. Hmmm.. we stared at each other, burst into hysterics and said, “Grammy!”

Lulu with her ice:

Sure enough, Grammy puts ice on her own hip when with Lulu. Lulu has to have her own ice. More on our little copy cat later.



  1. Noah and Zoe say, “My back is killing me,” just like Grandma does!

  2. Mary

    Cute cute cute! Mags has a slight sunburn and dry skin, so we’re putting lotion on it. “My leg ‘urt, too. I need cream.” Maggie also has a cut on her finger, “I need band-aid for my boo boo TOO.” The copy cat phase is adorable. It’s a wonderful combination of “give me attention, too” and “I want to be like my big sister.” Or Grammy!

  3. Teresa

    I love it!!!!

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