Culture Camp 2010 – Anh Dao Kolbe

Anh Dao Kolbe spoke at Culture Camp. When I saw her name on the roster I had a fluttering heart. You see, I have read some of her writings and I totally agree.. ok I mostly agree with everything she says. When I saw she would be there, I was like WOW a celebrity. Now, perhaps her name is not a household name for you, but let me tell you my take 🙂

Anh Dao is Vietnamese, she is an adoptee, and she is really freaking smart. She lived in NYC, Qatar, and Oman as a child! She also participated in the Operation Reunite and Project Return II: Out of the Ashes. She is going to be publishing a book, too!!! to see some of her work, check out

She was able to give us adoptive parents things that make you go Hmmmmm 🙂 Really thought provoking. I mean, none of us can be perfect and all of us can do our best, but I really feel thoughts and help from adult adoptees is priceless. Everyone is an individual and what applies to one child will not apply to another, but she really gave us lots of fat to chew on!

Also, I adore her. So, that helps.
If you ever have a chance to meet her GO. If you can buy her work, <a href=" “>DO IT HERE!


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