Culture Camp 2010: Learned about a Learning Opp

What a cool learning opportunity. I will share with you: $10/hr Skype Distance Learning Vietnamese. WHAT IS COOLER THAN THAT?

(Oh, and if you know anyone who Skypes and teaches ASL, I would be all over that, too!)



  1. Julie

    I am a student of Vietnamese tutorial, and I love it! The teacher is great, can accommodate any level, and can tailor your course. All for a very reasonable price. Plus, what could be better than learning from the comfort of home? (Learning IN Viet Nam, of course, but that’s not always possible!) I’ve never studied VNese before, and the last time I went to VN, I was able to greet people appropriately, ask for directions, order off the menu, and so forth. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to learn VNese.

  2. I am glad to hear culture camp was so much fun… we missed it this year, but really hope to go next year! We would be going to the Minnesota one and I hear it is a really great time.

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