I’m Batman.

Well, Grandparents don’t get a lot of love on this blog. It’s not because they aren’t giving the love, because they are. It more has to do with my “bare minimum blogging” since falling ill. Since falling ill, grandparents have stepped up to the plate, with many home runs.

One thing I did not post about last year, was the 6 foot Elmo who showed up mid-trick or treating.

This year? Batman.

Fo realz!
Lulu even got her picture taken with Batman.

Batman sent me a note…. I mean, Poppy, you know, Batman! he says, “As I was walking up the stairs to the kitchen and she was running into the kitchen, we intersected and I said to her “Hi Baby”, she said ,”Hello BATMAN” without blinking an eye.

Gotta love it.



  1. Loraine

    How incredible precious and special. Lovely family all around there, Meredith, including you.

  2. Hysterical!!! Oh man, these kids are just too much sometimes.

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