I hate the word disrupted

“Disrupted”: This is a word that social workers use when a child misbehaves to the point that he or she is asked to leave or be removed from a placement. While many times the child’s needs truly are not being met in a placement, at other times the child and the family simply don’t “click”; or, the foster parents realize that this child can never have a permanent place in their lives or in their homes. It is a much better idea, and policy, for a prospective adoptive family to meet several times with a child, including long, off-site visits and visits to the home, before making a serious move to adopt that child. This will minimize disruptive placements and give both the child and the parents time to think and feel.


1 Comment

  1. Chrissy

    I could not agree more. That is one of the ugliest words in the world.

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