Luluism: What’s Wrong?

We decided on the way home from Target to splurge and eat out. We decided we would just drive the super long way home and find “something on the way.” As we talked back and forth we were talking about what we wanted in this special eat out meal. Would it be fast food? Drive through? Eat in? Diner? Pizza? Mexican? Chili’s 2 for $20?

Lulu pipes up from the back and says, “What’s wrong?” and I tell her, Nothing is wrong, Sweetie, we are just trying to decide where to eat.” We go back to brainstorming, “Mommy! What’s wrong?!?!” This pattern continues until poor Lulu Belle is practically in tears. We, as parents, have decided we have really screwed our child up somehow, as she is so upset over something that is wrong that doesn’t even exist, we both think it, but neither say it. I feel cornered because it is, “MOMMY WHAT’S WRONG!” Finally, I realize she is so upset not because something is wrong at all. Lulu Belle is almost in tears because she is not saying, “What’s Wrong?” at all, but, “Restaurant.” She was so worked up from the stress of trying to communicate that she almost started tantruming, dare I say she may have started tantruming.

That my friends, while it may sound funny, and it kind of was, is the life of parents and children with Apraxia of Speech. This is why Sign Language has been so useful. After we realized it was not, “What’s wrong?” we were glad to know that we hadn’t failed in parenting the way we had thought – though our opinions on how empathetic she changed. We thought she was “feeling” feelings, but she was wanting to EAT!

I struggle for my speech challenged child. Others do not comprehend what it is like. We have had to fight for services. We will always advocate for our Robot.

So, next time you ask me, “What’s wrong?” I may just laugh thinking about the word restaurant.



  1. Mary

    What a clever, determined girl. She may have trouble with words, but she did NOT let go until you understood her. My money’s on her in the long term.

  2. What a Sweet Pea! Great she didn’t give up.

  3. mbg

    It took me 4x’s saying it fast before I got it. ;(

  4. Oscar and Etta's mom

    I feel like I spend over half of my life having that same experience. Smart girl for keeping up with it. How tenacious!

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