Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice was good for Tim and me but Lulu didn’t get into it until after intermission. She was really disappointed to not see Mickey and Minnie more. They were really just the MC’s and they did Lion King, Lilo and Stitch and Peter Pan, at least she recognized Tinkerbell. lol She had no idea about anyone else and kept asking for Mickey. She also noticed more of the theater back stage stuff or the zip lines getting ready more than the SHOW. Overall, we all had fun. She also wanted the CHEAPEST souvenir which made Daddy happy!

No one fell, it was good. I would do it again. Our wedding song was part of the show. Kismet?


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  1. The Hubs and I used to work at the local Arena and we’d get free tickets to the Disney on Ice every year but even with free tickets, taking 3 kids would cost us an arm and a leg. They wanted everything under the sun! After a couple of trips, we decided to turn the tickets down every year. haha Cheapest trinket is a good thing! Smart girl – sweetening you guys up for repeat trips!

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