Vietnam Culture Camp 2011


From their website:
Catalyst Foundation’s Vietnam Culture Camp has two purposes: to enhance self-esteem for children adopted from Vietnam and to establish an appreciation of Vietnamese heritage and culture through interactive experiences. Adopted children and their families also have the opportunity to interact with our amazing Vietnamese counselors who are all positive role models. We would love your support – to sponsor a counselor click here.

Since 2001, over 500 different families from all across the country (and Canada, Ireland, and England) have join us at Culture Camp. We hope you can join in on the fun!

Ellenville, New York – July 7-10, 2011
at Honors Haven Resort & Spa
located in the Catskills about 2 hours north of New York City

Northfield, Minnesota – July 14-17, 2011
at St. Olaf College
located just 45 minutes south of Minneapolis/St. Paul

Adult workshops emphasizing history, identity, cultural differences and similarities, and adoption issues assist participants to recognize and manage the concerns facing adoptive families and the communities they live in. Children (Pre K through 5th grade) activities provide a unique opportunity to learn about the Vietnamese language, customs, art, and music of the cultures that are inherently part of their family’s life.

Starting in 2011, the “Youth Leadership Program” is for all middle school and high school students. It will be a series of youth-centered programs and activities focused on challenging discussions and exchanges. Our goal is to empower young students to learn valuable leadership skills to be the “catalyst” for positive change.

Market Saigon, a cultural market, will be available where families may purchase Vietnamese merchandise including books, dolls, toys, and handcraft goods from Vietnam. A portion of the proceeds benefit Catalyst Foundation.



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