Parenting Classes? YES.

Well, those of you who were there for my “wait” on Lulu Belle, might remember I read every book on adoption. From RAD to adult adoptees with and without adoptive issues.

Shannon, my roommate in Vietnam, would laugh now as you all will. I owned, “What to Expect the First Year.” And, I read it, a little. When Lulu was three months old and we found out who she was, I started reading it. But then something in the adoption went wonky (thank you US GOVERNMENT, and thank you for not acknowledging it for at least two months) And, I had no idea when I would meet Lulu, and I stopped reading it. I shouldn’t have.

I never looked up how much to feed her, nap her, or anything else.

Well, I have found my niche! I now have found parenting classes! How cool. Yes, I know, I am supposed to have instinct, and I do, but I love learning. Some people like other stuff? I love parenting classes! I am a dork. I know.

Right now, we are taking a class based on this book. It is awesome, throught provoking and eye opening.
It does make me pause and think. And, I love it.

This class is about 5 weeks. I think I will eat up every minute 🙂


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  1. mbg

    More parents need to take classes!

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