It’s time for more maps in this house.

We are about to get maps going big time in our house.

When my Lulu Belle (adopted from Vietnam) looked at her lifebook and the map of Vietnam, she said, “Where’s North Carolina?” (we had been on vacation, recently for Tet and visiting quite a few friend who are like family.)

That’s when I realized one map of Vietnam, and one map of the USA in the house were NOT enough lol

It’s time for a world map.



  1. vietkaz

    I love our world map it however took me forever to find one with both kids countires on it (VN and Kaz) we finally found a floor puzzle at lowes that had all the needs on it. It’s so important they can visually find where they came from!

  2. We have a map of the world in two places in our house – one in the kids’ playroom and one on the back of the shower curtain….I think I’ve learned the most from the one in the shower. I can recite most of the islands north of Russia. I dont even think I knew they were there before.

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