SLEEP ISSUES: Monsters in the Night

My mom taking the boogieman out of my room is one of my greatest memories of her. I was 18 when she passed. I was terrified of the boogieman in my bedroom when I was little. (8 and under – I only know because I had that bedroom til age 8)

When I would be scared, usually it was because my closet door was open. Sometimes, I would make a shadow out of a piece of clothes laying over a chair. I had such a wild imagination I was really SURE the Boogieman was in there. My mom would come in, and tell him to go away. Or sometimes, because you know he is invisible, she would grab him and take him out.

Now, I am mama. I try really hard to remember all the things I remember that made my childhood happy. My mom taking the boogieman out of my room is one of my greatest memories of her. Because of this, I am super sensitive to Lulu Belle and her monsters. We talk about monsters being friendly like Elmo (that doesnt really work.) But mostly, like my own mother, I simply tell the monsters to go home and go to bed in their own beds in their own houses. This works.

I once had a friend tell us about a little bit of lemon juice with water in a spray bottle. Then the parent (or maybe child – I can’t remember now) could ward off the demons!

I saw this article a long time ago and bookmarked it (along with a trillion other articles I wanted to share lol) So, here you go! From BABYCENTER: “Should I give my child “monster spray” to help him ward off nighttime fears?” Someone suggested that I arm my preschooler with “monster spray” (a bottle of colored water) to help him ward off nighttime fears. Is this a good idea? CLICK HERE FOR MORE.



  1. allmybeans

    Great subject. It is very interesting how to handle “childhood boogeymen”. I also heard about the spray bottle trick, but the article makes sense…
    Thanks for posting such a :MOM: topic….
    Love your blog….

  2. Mary

    At age 3, Mags got very nervous around Halloween about monsters. We told her to tell them FIRMLY “Go back to your mother, and don’t come back till she puts some manners on you!” The sheer silliness of it helped make monsters seem more unmannerly than scary.

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