Boy Scouts… Do you support them?

There are plenty of reasons not to

I read a post on another blog today and it reminded me of something.
I recently attended an awards ceremony. It was a great event. (Congrats Poppy on your award we are very proud of you.)

But, the name of the group was very “Manly” and “Sexy.” I wondered if women belonged, but they do. There is inclusion. There is inclusion of people with special needs, too. These people do GREAT things. WONDERFUL things. The community CLEARLY benefits from this organization. I am proud of Lulu’s grandfather for being a part of it, and for all HE has personally done. He deserves awards for his work (and maybe a little more praise from us as well)

and here’s where the BUT comes. Women were not always welcomed. But, they are now. The thing that got me was, it was very catholically centered (thats now a word btw!) And, so we had a guy (priest?) do an opening and a benediction, and we all amened, but….

What about the people who are not Catholic? I wondered how did they feel about this? What if God isn’t their God? Are they not included? This is not a fight for me, but I just was thinking about it.

Anyhoo, here’s what made me tell you about it today:
and btw, NO MEANS NO



  1. Wow, that was just sad. If a parent is going to be aggressive like that, he should at least be able to back himself up. I’m not one of their supporters, and if I had been, I think I would be reconsidering right now.

    I would like to show my support of my fellow girl scouts right now, though, by purchasing some thin mints :-).

  2. I love that post. My sister will not let her son become a Boy Scout because her best friends are Lesbians. My nephew was angry at first, until she explained to him that his best friend’s Moms weren’t welcome there and that is was unfair. He got it after that and now he tells anyone who asks why he isn’t a boy scout. I am proud of him(and my sister) for that. Plus, it pisses off my ultra-conservative Dad. That’s just a bonus. Heh.

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