Lyme Disease Awareness Month: Under Our Skin

There is a movie about Lyme Disease and all that it does. There is controversy in Lyme Disease and Tick borne Diseases. Medical doctors fight for different things. Some doctors believe long term antibiotics get you into remission, some doctors believe there is no such thing as Chronic Lyme Disease. (My experience is that I went to a DR. B(Rheumatolgist) in Bristol, CT and he told me by looking at me that I only had Lyme, no other TBD (tick born diseases) and so I went to a new doctor ( who sent my blood to and was found to have TWO OTHER TBD’s. Too bad for me if I had stuck with the Rheumatologist, huh?

The movie Under Our Skin is QUITE an education. I do not own it, yet, But I would like to!
Soon it will be on PBS (click here to see when it is playing near you)
And there are constantly screenings everywhere. (Click here for those)

Here is a trailer to give you an idea….


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