Super Hero or Little Red Riding Hood

Well, today was show and tell, as every Friday is for Miss LuluBelle. And?
She brought a cape. Last night she discovered two capes (cheap and purchased from in her dress up. You can not imagine her delight. I had always been planning on buying her a fancy custom one from but it never happened, so I finally bought these when I placed an order so she would have something to wear to her friends Princess Tea.

First, because it was red, they asked her if she was Little Red Riding Hood. NO.
Then they asked if she was Wonder Woman. NO.

I don’t think they ever let HER answer, because they asked when she was picked up. SUPER HERO is the right answer.

I think these capes are going to be very used. 🙂


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  1. Oh my! Ev just got out the ones that she and Liam have and it’s like they take on entirely different personalities while wearing them! They have alot of fun and “save” alot of things, though I am never very sure what’s happening. I would have guessed Super Hero!

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