Helping Elizabeth…

Her name is Maya the Old English Sheepdog. She’s been blind since she was two and she has hip dysplaxia. She’s still the happiest dog int he world, despite her health problems. And she is rooting for Elizabeth, too.

I blogged about it here and here.

When I first was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, was the first website I saw with the devastation that can be caused by Lyme. I DIDN’T BELIEVE IT.

I do now. I have since had pains – joint and muscle – that I can not tell you how bad they were. There were days I prayed I could go to the hospital and get relief, there are days I DID go to the hospital for relief. There were times I didn’t think I would make it. I am in a better place, for now. (I do not want to jinx myself.)

Elizabeth had found a doctor in MD to see her. But, she lives in FL. She needed a PRIVATE pressurized plane. What you may not know about Lyme (and co.*) is that there are sensory issues that go with it. Sometimes we need dark sunglasses to prevent headaches, or nausea. Somebody’s chewing can send us into a tizzy. We hear the “wrong things” so instead of what you say to me, I might here a bird instead. So she NEEDED a plane to get there. IT WAS GOING TO COST 25,000 DOLLARS.

The Lyme Community rallied. We tried anything and everything. We tried to get a plane donated. We finally realized this may not occur. We finally, knowing maybe if all of us donated a little, it could be a lot. I came from the point of view that if I ever did get that sick that people would rally for me. I asked YOU to donate a dollar. You did. We found a plane for 14k.

And now, Elizabeth has seen her doctor. She is back home and while she is a wreck from the trip, there is hope. So, that website I came across in 2009, is finally doing something. I hope Elizabeth gets better.

If you would like to join her Facebook page, click here.


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  1. I’m glad you liked my picture of Maya! I put a link to your blog on mine, too. 🙂

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