Vietnam Culture Camp 2011

We went to Culture Camp last week. It was our second year at Catalyst Foundation’s East Coast Culture Camp. I had a blast. Tim had a blast. So did Miss LuluBelle.

On Thursday, we headed on over to the Catskills to Honors Haven. We were in heaven immediately. It was like we never missed a beat in a whole year. But, the kids all grew. The 2 year olds were now three. Lulu’s companions were all older, just as she was. All the parents noticed the changes in the little ones. (And apparently, I look much less sick than last year 🙂

Thursday night we checked in, joined the barbecue and stopped by the”carnival” where Lulu played a bunch of field day type games and had a BLAST. (much thanks to the awesome counselors) Lulu also spent some time acquainting herself with the playground, which was next to the pool.

I did not get a lot of great photos. I tried a new camera – and it failed. But I will share what I have.

More soon.



  1. MBG

    Awesome that you can go to culture camp each year!
    Glad you had fun!

  2. talk me into it next year!

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