Culture Camp 2011 Beyond Harvard CHOCOLATE!!!!

After we went to THE FORGOTTEN GENERATION we went to BEYOND HARVARD which was a class about SOCOLA and how it came to be and what it is. Socola is a company that makes preservative free chocolate. It is FRESH. If you have ever had Vietnamese food, you know it is fresh and WOW was this fresh chocolate. YUM.

Let me just tell you, it was GOOD. The chocolate was amazing.

I am huge fans of Wendy and Susan. Hearing Susan speak was definitely one of the most memorable times of Culture Camp this year. I am not sure if it was her flexing her voice muscles to be louder than the kids in the next room, I think she actually “Roared” at them once like a lion! She definitely WON our attention 🙂 I did not get to talk to these two lovely ladies, I wish I had.

Socola on Facebook:
Socola’s Website:

Here is a description of their class:
Vietnamese-American sisters Wendy and Susan Lieu are self-taught chocolatiers
from San Francisco, Ca. As teenagers, they began selling their chocolate truffles
outside their parent’s nail salon at the local farmer’s market. After Susan’s experience working in Vietnam on a USAID sustainable cocoa development project, she returned to the United States to launch Socola Chocolatier with Wendy in retail stores. Socola Chocolatier’s award-winning chocolates have received accolades for their unusual avors and sense of whimsy from London Financial Times, Harvard Magazine, Vietnam’s national Thanh Nien newspaper, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications. Wendy, 29, is the Chief Chocolatier and is a graduate of UC Davisand the Tante Marie Pastry Program. Susan, 26, is the Chief of Operations and is agraduate of Harvard College.

Stay tuned because we get to make our OWN chocolate with Wendy and Susan later on. 🙂

Thanks again to Catalyst Foundation for having this Vietnam Culture Camp. And thank you for all the other work you do like PROJECT BACKPACK. (The “Project Backpack” Sponsorship Program is built on the foundation of providing full physical and mental health resources for children ages 5-18 and reintroducing them to a normal, healthy life including basic necessities of education, food and safety. These children are at a high risk of being trafficked because of their family’s socio-economic financial status. Because of their extreme poverty, education is seen as an extravagance.)

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