Culture Camp 2011 Forgotten Generation

On Friday morning, Miss LuluBelle could not get OUT of our hotel room fast enough to be dropped off with her Camp Counselors.

We dropped off Miss LuluBelle to her camp counselors and were off to eagerly learn. Our first class was FORGOTTEN GENERATION. We really enjoyed this.

It was a great class. Vui Le was infectious and entertaining. He brought the story of his family to a short book. If his book is half as infectious as he is, it will be great. I am buying mine now.
He has a website here:

Here is a partial description of the class:
Vui Le is the author of a book called The Forgotten Generation. It is the story of his family
escaping the collapse of South Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War, settling down in
America and witnessing the passing of his Vietnamese parents’ generation.
Vui Le and Young Le are still working hard for their retirement, at which time, they plan to
travel and do charity works.

Thank you to Catalyst Foundation’s East Coast Culture Camp, and to Catalyst Foundation for all the work they do.


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  1. I got teary at this one- so emotional. Oh, who am I kidding I cried a lot at camp!

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