Culture Camp 2011: Making Comics, Vietnamerica, and GB Tran

Something you may not know about me is that I used to work in a comic book store and comic books were my life. Now, I wasn’t a superhero kind of girl (though I did eventually become addicted to all of the Batman comics) but I liked stories. Odd. Weird. Interesting. But, I liked to READ comics, not make them.

But, I did not let that deter me from bringing Miss LuluBelle to the MAKING COMICS CLASS with GB TRAN. And it did not deter me from the stick figures of awesomeness I made. (Ok, not so awesome) The three of us each made a comic book. All about what we did at Culture Camp. I won’t lie. Lulu really made two as I let her do mine and her own. (Spoiled, much? Why yes, yes she is.)


I heard about “Vietnamerica” by GB TRAN a long time ago. Ok, it feels like a long time ago. Vietnamerica is something I excited to read now.

The class on the book was awesome (we learned about what it took to make the book and about his families reaction to him telling the story.) For a video on the book, click here.

GB himself was super cool and I wished I had an ounce of my Comic Book Knowledge left in my head. But, I do not. Such is life. I hope he comes back to Culture Camp.


Thank you to Catalyst Foundation’s East Coast Culture Camp, and to Catalyst Foundation for all the work they do, especially opening a community center in Vietnam. Our vision is to build the Catalyst Foundation Community Center with ten different buildings and areas to provide families with access to services and facilities that contribute to their community’s long-term growth and sustainability. The most essential service at the center will be a safe shelter for women and children that have been abused and victimized.


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