Someone got a new Playhouse

It was all the rave. It is also an ice cream shop and food shop.


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  1. I forgot to ask you about the play house. Does she actually play in it?!?! We got Ev one- it looked like a wooden gingerbread house and the girl would not set foot in it in our yard- so we did-assembled it and moved into the house and re-assembled it. I added twinkle lights, a light up star, curtains, a little table and a chair and still… nothing. It sat like that for over a year. We finally took it apart again and gave it to our friends for their grandkids, then one day we were there for a cook out and guess who wanted her house back?!?!?! AAAGGGGHH!!!
    So anyway- I always wonder of other kids actually play in the play houses.

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