Lulu’s Wishlist

This is a page where we are keeping track of things we want to get for Lulu! It’s actually for our purposes, so feel free to see inside our brains lol We are keeping this list so we can get her the things we want to get her and not forget anything!

Ukulele (to be like daddy on GEETAR!)

FAO Schwarz 14 inch Classic Baby Doll Asian – Kiri

Mia Bella 18″ Asian Doll

African-American Doll Family, Asian-American Doll Family, Caucasian Doll Family, Hispanic-American Doll Family

The Little Mermaid

Infantino Pretend and Play Story Teller

LeapFrog Alphabet Explorer

Talk & Teach Learning Book


Floor Pillow:


Basketball Hoop

Dora the Explorer Swim and Splash Mermaid Dora Doll

You & Me Ballerina African American Large Ragdoll

Baby Stella Doll – Black Hair

Baby Stella Doll Feeding Set

You & Me Baby Doll Care Accessories in Bag

Les Dollies 16″ Dolly Licorice Asian Doll

Introducing Trebellina DVD


  1. Ceri

    girls get all the fun stuff. 🙂

  2. Kim H.

    We have the stroller. Alaina loves it!

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