The Adoption Timeline

The Process – The Timeline

06/06 Started Researching Adoption
12/06 Decided to adopt from Vietnam
01/12/07 M sent in her Passport Renewal
01/16/07 T sent in his Passport Application
01/16/07 Application to Adoption Agency
01/16/07 Application and Registration with Homestudy Agency
02/13/07 T’s One on One for the Homestudy
02/15/07 Sent in I-600a
03/6/07 Rec’d appt for fingerprinting
03/9/07 Fingerprinted
03/10/07 Monkey Turned One!
03/14/07 M’s One on One for Homestudy
03/16/07 T’s passport is here!
03/23/07 M’s passport is here!
04/17/07 Homevisit and Couples Interview
05/25/07 Peanut’s 3rd Birthday!
05/26/07 Homestudy Approved!
05/30/07 Homestudy sent to USCIS
06/12/07 Sent in everything but the I 797c to SOS
06/18/07 Received everything but the I 797c back from the SOS!
06/18/07 Sent Partial Dossier to VN Consulate
06/18/07 I-797c/ USCIS Approval
06/19/07 Sent off I-797c to Secretary of State
06/25/07 Received I-797c from SOS
06/25/07 Sent I-797c to the VN Consulate
06/28/07 Recieved Partial Dossier from VN Consulate
06/28/07 Sent in Partial Dossier to Adoption Agency
07/02/07 Received I 797c back from VN Consulate
07/02/07 Sent I 797c to Adoption Agency
07/20/07 Dossier to Vietnam
08/20/07 Waiting to Find out Who Our Baby is 1 Month
09/20/07 Waiting to Find out Who Our Baby is 2 Months
10/20/07 Waiting to Find out Who Our Baby is 3 Months
11/20/07 Waiting to Find out Who Our Baby is 4 Months
12/20/07 Waiting to Find out Who Our Baby is 5 Months
01/20/08 Waiting to Find out Who Our Baby is 6 Months
02/12/08 Referral
03/01/08 Accept Referral
***insert a whole lotta mess from the US Gov about our i-600 and not getting approval, including an RFE***
09/11/08 Travel to VN together (without i-600 approval)
09/15/08 Adopt Lulu
09/19/08 Hubby returns home
09/24/08 Receive i-600 approval
09/30/08 Travel home and get home (because of time difference)

1 Comment

  1. Wow! What a process. But, the results are a wonderful and beautiful daughter. I don’t have any children (as of yet) and have plenty of friends and family that do. I think you have a wonderful website showcasing Lulu and your parenting. It is truly great that you are willing to share your experiences as a parent and the steps along the way with your daughter.
    Heather P

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